I'm a visual, that's the reason why I love movies. I think photography in movies is a fantastic example of beauty. Each single frame is for me, an inspiration for my studies and for my artistic growth. My photography is inspired by all these things. Colors, tones, image composition...the main ingredients behind every click of mine. I conceive a picture as if it were a photo frame of a movie, this is my way of photographing. Each shoot must communicate, transmit emotions, so it must be original.

I remember when I was working in a photo studio as a graphic, and I was drawn to the pictures. The ability to create something of new and particular fascinated me so much to take the camera and start taking pictures. So I spent the rest of my time studying techniques, taste and art from the best photographers in the world to become a better photographer. In recent years I specialized my tecniques in Beauty & Fashion, Portrait and Fine Art photography.

I learned to be original by my masters; Joel Grimes, Chris Knight, Lindsay Adler, Miss Aniela, Scott Kelby, Amanda Diaz, Ivan Gorokow, Pratik Naik, Bella Kotak, Peter Coulson, Renèe Robin, each of them completely different and damned original.

To this day, I am satisfied with what I do, but I continue to study the work of my colleagues. My work is the result of the emotions that all of them have sent to me. And all this has stimulated me to such a degree as to progress rapidly and improve more and more.

Luca Storelli photographer